Which is Better…. A Home Safe or a Safe Deposit Box?

If you have valuables or irreplaceable items you need to keep safe and secure, what is the best option for you? Whether it’s cash, jewellery, gold bullion or just important […]

Nicola Sturgeon MSP Officially Opens Edinburgh Vaults

Nicola Sturgeon MSP has officially opened Scotland’s first independent safe deposit box service in Glasgow. Based in the city’s southside, Edinburgh Vaults has been introduced in response to the major […]

Safe deposit box provider locks down Edinburgh deal

What is being billed as “Scotland’s first independent safe deposit box service” has been launched following an investment of more than £1 million.   Edinburgh Vaults said it had made […]

Banks No Longer Offering Safety Deposit Boxes in Scotland

Many banks have stopped offering safety deposit boxes in the recent past. This has been going on in Scotland and all over the world as more and more banks withdraw […]

Merrion Vaults launches Fine Art & Antique Storage (Walk-in Vaults)

When we launched our Safe Deposit Box business in Dublin, we provided various sized Safe Deposit Boxes capable of storing cash, jewellery, title deeds, gold bullion etc.   We quickly […]

Do I need a Safe Deposit Box? Read this article to find out.

When I meet people and inform them that I am involved in the Safe Deposit Box business, I usually encounter responses such as “What requirement would I have for a […]

Interesting Crime Statistics from Canadian Justice Department

Crime Statistics following interviews with Burglars. Key Statistics: 63% of Burglars Cut the Telephone Lines before entering house 56% of Burglars stay in house despite knowing house is occupied at […]

Safe Deposit Facility For The Digital Currency (BitCoin)

Bitvendo, the company that provides Bitcoin ATM facilities here, has formed a partnership with Merrion Vaults to provide a safe deposit facility for the digital currency. Giles Byrne, head of […]

Why Store Gold & Silver Bullion in a Safe Deposit Box at Edinburgh Vaults

Historically when Gold and Silver Bullion has been purchased in Ireland, the Bullion Dealer has offered to store the physical bullion for the buyer in a vault overseas. No vaults […]


Merrion Vaults – Ireland’s No. 1 Safe Deposit Box facility – are delighted to announce Rugby pundit and TV presenter Brent Pope as their Brand Ambassador. Brent, who features in […]